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Worship and Study Program for this week:

 Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles)

Begins October 13 – 16, 2022 (5783)

Parsha 50: Ki Tavo (When You Come

Sukkot – the Feast of Tabernacles | UNLEARN the lies

Shalom Everyone – What does the Bible say about Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, and how should we observe this Feast today? Many Christians have been told that we no longer need to keep the Biblical Feasts, but is that really true? Did you know there is a prophecy in the Bible that tells us that during the Messianic kingdom all of the nations of the World will be required to go to Jerusalem to worship the King (Yeshua) during the Feast of Tabernacles? So, what is the Feast of Tabernacles and why should we be keeping it? In Hebrew it is called Sukkot, which is translated booths or tabernacles, and it’s a memorial of the time when Israel wandered in the wilderness living in tents. We are commanded to celebrate Sukkot by dwelling in tents for seven days and rejoicing with fruit and by waving tree branches. 

1. Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles)  

(1.1)  Friend of God -Isaac Houghton

(1.2)  We Will Wait -Joshua Aaron

(1.3)  Song Of Moses -Paul Wilbur

(1.4)  Blessed Are You – Paul Wilbur




2. Opening Prayers for this week: 

Opening TORAH Prayer:  Blessed are You, Y’HoVaH our Elohim, King of all existence, who chose us from among all nations and who gave us your Torah. Blessed are You, Y’HoVaH who gives us the Torah. AMEN

(Jeremiah 31:31-34) “Behold, the days are coming,” says Y’HoVaH, “when I will make a Renewed Covenant with the house of Isra’el and with the house of Y’hudah (Judah), 32“not like the covenant I made with their fathers in the day I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt. My covenant which they broke, although I was a husband to them,” says Y’HoVaH. 33 “But this is the Covenant I will make with the house of Israel after those days,” says Y’HoVaH, “I will put My Torah within them and on their heart I will write it; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.  No longer will any of them teach his fellow community member or his brother, [do you] ‘know Adonai’?; for all will know me, from the least of them to the greatest; because I will forgive their wickedness and remember their sins no more.” 

(Isaiah 12:2-3) “See! Yah is my salvation; I am confident and unafraid; for Yah Y’HoVaH is my strength and my song, and He has become my salvation!” Then you will joyfully draw water from the springs of salvation. 

(Psalm 3:8) Salvation belongs to Y’HoVaH; Your blessing be upon Your people.”

(Psalm 46:7) Y’HoVaH Almighty is with us; the Elohim of Jacob is our refuge.”

3. Take time out now to honour Yeshua HaMashiach and our Father in Heaven with your prayers.

4. Study Resources


5. Scripture Readings for Sukkot (The Feast of Tabernacles)

(Complete Jewish Bible)

6. Further Study Resources

(8.1)  The Feast of Tabernacles, The Marriage of The Lamb and You – Ps David Andrews

7. QUESTION For This Feast: 

Question for Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles)


8. MFO STUDY – CLOSING PRAYER: (Read out aloud): 

“Blessed are You Adonai [YHVH], our  Elohim, king of all existence Who has given us the Torah of the truth and everlasting life within us. Blessed are You Adonai [YHVH], Who give us the Torah. Amen.”

We trust that you have enjoyed this program for Shabbat. Peace be upon you on until next Shabbat.


Shalom Aleichem:

Natan and Hannah

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