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The Library consists of a wide range of topics covering biblical, historical, and cultural articles as well as audio visual reference materials.  New articles are being added weekly. 

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Weekly Shabbat Program

This Shabbat program consists of weekly portions of scripture from the Torah and connects these scriptures to the Writings, the Prophets and through the Newer Testament to Revelation.

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Pictures from Israel

Picture with an accompanying story exploring a wide selection of landscapes, culture and historical sites that make this small country an outstanding place to visit and learn about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why we use the Complete Jewish Bible
10 Facts about Messianic Movement and Jewish Christians

1. Messianic Jews believe Jesus is Israel’s Messiah promised in the Old Testament. But they refute the notion that their Christian belief means they are no longer Jewish, a longstanding view among churches and synagogues. ….

How We Study the Jewish Scriptures

We study the Old Testament Scriptures in the traditional Hebrew way, as did Yeshua (Jesus) and all the Apostles, and study the Second (New) Testament as part of the Complete Jewish Bible. This study is uniquely neutral to all religious doctrine and does not engage in religious argument, but rather, considers and discusses all scripture within a cultural, historical and linguistic Hebrew context as did all the believers in the first century.

Parsha Thoughts for the Week

What do you think?  Righteousness is… ?
Noah and Abraham were considered righteous. So, what does it mean to be righteous?
Rabbi Sha’ul, Rabbi Paul had a great many problems in his congregation because of the confusion caused by those who would try and hijack the simple and freeing truth that righteousness is not earned through religious activity, but bestowed on us Y’HoVaH [יְהֹוָה]. He calls us righteous when we have faith in His plan of salvation and when we dutifully follow Messiah in obedience to the Written Torah.

Hebrew Thinking vs Greek Western Thinking