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Messianic Fellowship Online Picture from Israel

Pictures from Israel


Picture with an accompanying story exploring a wide selection of landscapes, culture and historical sites that make this small country an outstanding place to visit and learn about.

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The Library consists of a wide range of topics covering biblical, historical, and cultural articles as well as audio visual reference materials.  New articles are being added weekly. 

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Weekly Shabbat Program

This Shabbat program consists of weekly portions of scripture from the Torah and connects these scriptures to the Writings, the Prophets and through the Newer Testament to Revelation.

This Sabbath yearly program consists of 54 separate weekly portions of scripture, read consecutively from the Torah (The first five books of Moses), connecting these scriptures to the Writings and the Prophets and through the books of the Newer Testament to Revelation.

Jew and Gentile Worshipping Together Torah Study
What's it all about?

An online Weekly Messianic worship and Bible Study program for families groups and individuals.  As well as this there is an opportunity to connect with other participants online.


"We have three lovely daughters who join with us as a family to do this MFO program. It's great to sing the messianic songs together and be able to go through the scriptures and teach our children."

Adrian and Hananiah

"My wife and I now live on our own since our youngest daughter has married.  We just love the fact that our daughter and son-in-law come over every Friday night to sing and study the scriptures together. We especially appreciate the selection of additional study resources which support the scriptures. "


"The reason that I continue to participate in the Messianic Fellowship Online program is because it is really easy to follow and covers the basics of a believers walk with God, where praise and worship, prayers, quality Bible study with supporting teaching materials and other relevant videos are a blessing."


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